The Dental Surgery

Western Road, Clonmel

The Dental Surgery
Western Road
Co. Tipperary
Tel: 052-6121784

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Appointment Times
Patients are expected to come to the surgery approximately 10 minutes prior to an appointment time to complete any necessary paper work. (PLEASE NOTE: Patients arriving late for appointments will only be seen in exceptional circumstances.)
2. Please read this before you see the dentist or hygienist
All treatment must be paid for on the day that the treatment is completed.
If you wish to have treatment carried out under one of the state schemes i.e. under the PRSI or medical card scheme,
you must have the necessary forms completed before treatment is started.
No refunds will be given if you pay privately and then want treatment under one of these schemes. No refunds will be given on private fees already paid.
A private fee scale is available and separate fee scales/information leaflets are available for both PRSI and Medical Card schemes. The minimum charge for an initial examination is €40.00.
3. General Medical Dental Services
We are currently treating existing medical card patients for routine dental care.
4. Amalgam 'Metal' filling Replacement service
Patients who request this service should note that replacing fillings may lead to complications with the teeth involved and the future prognosis for the teeth may be compromised. This could involve loss of the teeth and the necessity for more complicated and expensive treatment such as root- treatment, crowns, bridges and implants.
The service is provided under rubber dam and high volume suction. The service is provided at the patients own request and own risk.
The treatment will usually involve the provision of crowns for the teeth that are most heavily filled or restored already.
The cost per crown is €750.00.
Teeth coloured fillings are more expensive than amalgam fillings and cost a minimum of €120.00.
Teeth which cannot be filled with tooth coloured fillings material but which require tooth coloured inlays will be charged at the rate of €350.00 per tooth. These teeth inlays are made outside the tooth and bonded to the tooth with special dental materials.
Before treatment is commenced a full treatment list with costs must be given and agreed before treatment starts.
5. Advice after extraction of teeth
  1. Keep the gauze swab in the mouth over the area for one half hour, then discard it. If bleeding persists at home, place a gauze, (cotton wool or clean handkerchief, about the thickness of your finger) pad over the area and bite firmly for 30 minutes. Avoid unnecessary exercise or excitement. No alcohol or smoking for 4 hours.
  2. RINSING: Do not rinse for 24 hours, after the extraction as this removes the clot which is the healing tissue. Then, if you wish, gently use warm salt water (above one tea-spoonful of table salt in a glass full of warm water), after tooth-brushing and every two hours.
  3. Brush the teeth as usual; gently--- Being careful not to touch the socket area.
  4. REST: Get plenty of rest: Avoid strenuous exercise during the first 24 hours.
  5. DIET: Wait at least one hour after having your tooth out. Use a liquid or soft solid diet- not too hot- high in protein. Drink water and fruit juices freely. Avoid foods that require excessive chewing- avoid hard or rough foods e.g. toast or pizza.
  6. PAIN: Some pain is to be expected after the extraction. Take aspirin, paracetamol or other pain-relieving preparation prescribed by the dentist.
  7. Your mouth may be numb for up to four hours. Be careful not to bite your lip, tongue or cheek and avoid hot drinks which could burn.
  8. If pain develops after a couple of days you may have a DRY SOCKET which can be very painful. This happens in a small proportion of extractions and healing will be delayed. Contact the surgery for advice.
  9. SWELLING: Some is to be expected after the extraction and may take up to ten days to disappear.
6. Sterilisation Our priority is the continuous care of your dental health in a friendly and happy atmosphere.
We comply with the health, safety and hygiene standards, as recommended by the Irish Dental Association.
All instruments are sterilised by the most up-to-date vacuum autoclaves. Where possible as much use is made of disposable items, to ensure the health and safety of our patients.
7. Mouthguards
Sports mouthguards are available for a fee of €70.
Available in Tipperary, Ireland and Munster colours. (Other colours are available by arrangement and with notice)
The first visit will involve taking impressions, followed by a subsequent visit (approximately two days later) to fit the mouthguard.